Gujarat Refinery English Medium School Alumni Foundation

1. NAME :

The name of the Association shall be GREMS Alumni Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation” in the abbreviated form.


The Registered Office of the Foundation shall be situated in Baroda City in the State of Gujarat, India.

i.e. 1, Defence Karmachari Hsg. Society, B/h. Navrachana High School, Near Water Tank, Sama, Vadodara- 390 008


The Aims and objectives for which the Foundation is formed are as follows :

a) To identify and locate from India and various parts of the world Alumni of Gujarat Refinery English Medium School, Gujarat Refinery Township, Vadodara.

b) To serve as an appropriate channel of communication for closer contacts among the members in general, and between the members and Alma Mater in particulars.

c) To consolidate and fester a sense of fraternity among the members and thereby to generate active co-operation and positive interaction among them.

d) To instil a spirit of allegiance and goodwill for the Alma Mater among the members and to pool and channel their resources and abilities for a positive contribution towards preserving the distinct identify, strength, growth and glory of the Alma Mater and to encourage its further advancement in the education and allied fields.

e) To provide to the members a permanent platform for exchange of ideas, information, experiences and expertise in field of education, sports, arts etc.

f) To organise discussions, lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, audiovisual shows etc for achieving the objective of the foundation.

g) To collect, process and distribute materials in printed and or any other form to serve the interest of the members.

h) To undertake to provide to the members, facilities like reference library, data bank, material bureau, special equipment pool and other such facilitated required for the convenience and common use of the members.

i) To initiate and undertake and / or to motivate, encourage and assist research of potential significance in theory and practice in various fields.

j) To undertake documentation of the history and chronicle of the Alma Mater and to collect and preserve documents, photographs and other such items incidental and relevant to the chronicle and to build up and maintain an archives of the Alma Mater.

k) To raise and establish a fund through subscriptions, admission fees, donations, lottery and by other available means and to disburse such funds for achieving aims and objectives of the Foundation and for related expenditures of the foundation.

l) To extend the field of activities of the foundation by establish chapters of the foundation at other places.

m) To interest with the students studying at the Alma Mater and to encourage them to achieve higher standards of performance to keep the prestige of the Alma Mater.

n) To communicate, co-ordinate and co-operative with other similar organisations or allied association for achieving common goals.

o) To pursue other relevant objectives as and when identified and adopted by the Governing of the foundation.

p) To do all such things as are incidental, necessary advisable or conductive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the foundation.

4. Founder Members :

1 Mr. Rajiv Shiva President E/5, Tatsat Bungalows,Opp. Vedant Bungalows -1,Nr. Bright School,Vasna Bhaili Road, Vadodara - 391 410 Business
2 Mr. Rajesh Umatt Vice President 301, Manubhai Avenue, 7, Saptarishi Colony,Old Padra Road, Baroda - 390 015 Business
3 Ms. Minny Shah Vice President A-95, Siddharth Bungalows, Opp. Urmi School, Sama-Savli Road, Vadodara – 390 024 Service
4 Mr. Sailesh Nair General Secretary 1, Defence Karmachari Hsg. Society, B/h. Navrachana High School, Nr. Water Tank, Sama, Vadodara – 390 008 Architectural Consultant
5 Mr. Vikas Sharma Jt. Secretary 23, Jibanagar Near Panchvati Circle, Gorwa-Refinery Road, Vadodara - 390 016 Service
6 Mr. Manish Singh Treasurer 401, Aries IV,35 United Colony,New Sama Road,Vadodara – 390024 Business
7 Mr. Manoj Dixit Executive Committee Member E-1, Kashi Vishwanath Nagar B/h. Hanuman Temple, Gorwa- Refinery Road, Panchvati, Vadodara – 16 Service
8 Mr. Amit Rathi Executive Committee Member "Suchkunj" 47, Maheshbhai Society,Bajwa, Vadodara – 391310 Business
9 Mr. Vasant Bhrahmbhatt Executive Committee Member B/1, Jai Satyanarayan Soc., Nr. Sahyog Surgical Hospital, Nr. Gorwa ITI, Refinery Rd, Vadodara - 390 016 Business
10 Mr. Sheshadri Iyer Executive Committee Member C1/3, Sahjanand Appts, Nr. VMSS Ward Office-6, Old Padra Road, Vadodara – 390 020 Business
11 Ms. Ambika Balachandran Executive Committee Member A-302, Nilamber Bellission, Nr. Spring Country - 2, Vasna-Bhaili Road, Vadodara - 390 014 Service
12 Mr. Gurjeev Singh Gill Executive Committee Member 73, Snowpearls Bungalow, Vasna Road, Vadodara – 390 014 Business
13 Ms.Urvashi Parmar Executive Committee Member A-/6, Bakul Society, B/h. Sahyog, Gorwa-Refinery Road, Vadodara - 390 016 Service
14 Mr. Baldev Singh Executive Committee Member 15/A, Maheshwari Society, Gotri-Vasna Road, Vadodara – 390 007 Business
15 Mr. Amrendra Tiwari Executive Committee Member B-43, Navjyot Society, Panchavati, Gorwa, Vadodara - 390 016 Service
16 Mr. Krishna Roy Executive Committee Member C-1, Kashi Vishwanath Nagar, B/h. Hanuman Temple, Panchvadi, Gorwa, Vadodara – 390 016 Service


Membership of the Foundation shall be divided under the following categories :

a) Founder Members

b) Life Members

c) Honorary Members


Membership of the Foundation shall be divided under the following categories :

a) Founder Members : The members who have initiated this foundation and 10 Executive members. They shall be permanent trustees of the foundation. They are also the life members. They shall take part in all the activities of foundation, vote at meetings and hold offices in the foundation.

b) Life Members : All the members who have paid the subscription of the membership on joining the foundation are life Members. They shall enjoy and take part in all the activities of the foundation, vote at meeting and hold office in the foundation.

c) Honorary Members : They are distinguished persons, teachers or ex-lecturers who have rendered notable services to foundation and / or to the School’s Development may be so elected as honorary Member on the recommendation of not less than 80% of the committee members and 50% of the membership. They shall pay no subscription and shall enjoy all the privileges of members except vote at the meetings and eligibility for office.


The subscription fee shall be Rs.1000/_ on joining the Foundation. Further subscription if required will be assessed from time to time.


a) The foundation shall be managed by a Committee consisting of fifteen members and elected every three years.

b) The Committee shall consists of the following persons :

- One President

- Two Vice Presidents

- One Honorary Secretary

- One Honorary Joint Secretary

- One Honorary Treasurer

- Ten Committee Members

Each post of office bearers and committee members should be preferably from different batches.

The principal of the school shall always be an EX- officio member of the Committee.

Patron shall be a senior most Alumni as and will be selected by the elected Managing Committee.

c) The term of all committee members shall be three years. All of them shall be eligible for re-election.

d) Presence of at least 2/3 members of the selected committee shall from the quorum at a committee meeting.

e) Any member of the committee absenting himself / herself for three consecutive meetings without giving an explanation to the committee shall cease to be a member of the committee. A new member can be co-opted by the President with the consent of the executive committee members in the E.C. Meeting which should be ratified in the subsequent EGM/AGM.

9. The relieving President, Secretary and the Treasurer of the Previous Committee will be an Ex- Officio Member of the subsequently elected new committee to have better coordination of the activities.


The committee shall meet at least 6 times a year (bi-monthly) to the following matters that the committee may do necessary :

a) To administer the affairs of the Foundation

b) To accept of decline sponsorship on behalf of the Foundation

c) To make and enforce rules for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Foundation

d) To appoint such sub- committee as may be deemed necessary for the furtherance and execution if the objects of the foundation.

e) To administer the funds of the Foundation and raise funds from the members as may be decided from time to time.

f) To fill any vacancy occurring in the committee members

g) Generally go do such other acts and things as may be conductive for the attainment of the objects of the Foundation.


a) PRESIDENT : The President will be the Chief Controlling Officer of the foundation and he will see that the policies and programmes of the Trust are carried out properly as determined by the Managing Committee and the General Body that of Managing Committee.

b) VICE PRESIDENT : In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside over the meeting of the Managing Committee and that of the General Body.

c) HON. SECRETARIES : The Hon. Secretaries shall be the Principal, Officers shall their duties shall be as under:

i. To prepare agenda in consultation with the President and issue notice conveying the meeting of the Managing Committee and the General Body and prepare minutes thereof.

ii. To keep in safe custody all documents, titles and other records of the Trust

iii. To prepare and submit to the Managing Committee estimate of the annual budget of the Foundation.

iv. To present to the foundation for its consideration and approval audited statements of accounts.

v. Generally to do all things that Managing Committee may direct from time to time.

d) HON. TREASURER : The Hon. Treasurer shall generally assist the Hon. Secretaries and shall receive any pay amounts due to or due by the Foundation, maintain proper and detailed accounts of all the transactions of the Foundation, prepares statements of accounts for every four month and Annual Financial Statement of Accounts. He will also maintain records of assets and liabilities.


An Auditor not being a member of the committee shall be appointed by the Committee. He/She may investigate from time to time the accounts and records of the Foundation and where necessary submit his/her report to the committee as to the correctness of the accounts or records in question. He/she shall examine the Annual Accounts and report whether it is drawn up so as to exhibit a true and fair view if the state of the Foundation’s affairs.

The Auditor shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting and may be eligible for re-appointment.


Any Officer whose duties call for full time services on behalf of the foundation shall be paid a salary, such salary to be determined from time to time by the Committee. His /her services may also be terminated by the Committee.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held for the following purposes:

i. To receive and consider the Annual Report and Annual Audited Financial Accounts.

ii. To elect the Committee every three years.

iii. To transact any other business.


An Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be convened :

a) Whenever the Committee shall deem it desirable of

b) At the request in writing of not less than 25% of the members stating the object and reasons for such a meeting.

c) To transact any other business.


The Quorum for a General Meeting shall be 25 or a 25% of the total Membership whichever is the lower. In the event of there being no quorum, the president/Vice President of the meeting shall, if the meeting has been called on a requisition of members, dissolved it.

If otherwise convened, the President / Vice President may adjourn the meeting for half an hour then proceed with the business of the meeting whether there is a quorum present there or not. Those present at the adjourned General meeting with insufficient quorum shall have no power to alter, amend or make additions to any of the existing rules. No extra ordinary General Meeting shall be convened for the same purpose within the following three months.


At least 15 days notice shall be given to members prior to the date of holding the Annual or Extra Ordinary General Meeting and particulars of its agenda shall be specified in the notice.


Attendance of General Body Meeting through not compulsory must be attended by members personally. Attendance by proxy is not acceptable.

Ballot voting at the Annual General Meeting shall be in person only.


The President / Vice President or in his absence the Hon. Secretary shall preside at all meetings. In their absence the members present shall elect Ad-hoc Chairman and he can perform the duties of the President.


A member may be removed from the register of the Foundation if he/she has committed criminal offence proved guilty ----------n any law in any court.

a) Fails to pay money due within three months

b) Has been struck off us a member for any of his/her misconduct.


a) Gambling of any kind such as the playing of pike or mah-jong whether for stakes or not, are forbidden on the Foundations Premises. The introduction of matter for gambling or opium smoking and of bad characters in the premises is prohibited.

b) The Foundation shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and / or premises to be used for political purposes.


a) The Foundation shall not be dissolved except with the consent of not less than half of the members of the Foundation in person by ballot at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.

b) In the event of the Foundation being voluntarily dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Foundation shall be fully discharged and the remaining funds or assets of the Foundation shall be given over to any private or educational institution or institutions as the foundation may decide at a General Meeting.

c) Notice of dissolution shall be given within 15 days of dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.


Alteration or addition to these rules shall be made accept at a General Meeting and they shall not come into force after necessary legal approval from concerned authorities.


In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which is not expressly provided for in the rules, the committee shall have the power to use their own discretion and their decision shall be final.